Gilberto Colaço

The focus on the artistic object lead Gilberto Colaço to seek and to break with the collective and stereotyped visual habit of facial and architectural structures generating alternative concepts of "beauty".


His research around portrait potentialities gave him the ability of appropriate images as new supports. Then, he develops in them a certain impossibility to clearly recognize the represented subjects. In its turn, these are invaded by an enigmatic vagueness evoking one silent intensity and one visual amnesia.


In its relationship with the spectator, these subjects transmit a cold neutrality seeming devoid of their interiority.


The images are shown full of awkward aesthetic paradoxes. They display a disturbing and intimidating tension between one almost grotesque aggressiveness and a certain graciousness.


In this re-creation context, though structured by elements which one clearly perceives in conflict, it's possible to establish formal, conceptual and metaphoric comparatives, between the images and reality. Therefore, whilst a certain inadequacy with this reality subsists, a capacity of reconstruction and visual adaptation by the spectator remains.